National Geographic Really Wild Animals

This 4 DVD box set collection for kids packs heaps of fun into over 170 minutes of entertainment for the younger wildlife enthusiasts out there.

Using a fun way of taking the viewer around the world to learn about animals from the oceans, rainforests, on safari and even the dinosaurs. Read more “National Geographic Really Wild Animals”

Bears: Spy in the Woods

Part of the popular and highly originally BBC “Spy in the…” series, Spy in the Woods is not just about one type of bear but several species, including the American Brown Bear, Polar Bear, and even the Giant Panda.

Like the other films in the Spy series, Spy in the Woods makes use of clever custom made camouflaged cameras that have each been developed to be used around each type of bear – without them knowing. Read more “Bears: Spy in the Woods”


Sharkwater has won over 20 international awards making it one of the most succesful documentary films in recent times.

This is a film that is both stunning and haunting.

Rob Stewart’s passion for sharks is clear. But like so many people today are now aware, we have to do more than just admire these magnificent animals. They are at real risk of extinction due to the trade in shark fins throughout Asia. Read more “Sharkwater”

Disneynature – Monkey Kingdom

Disneynature films might not be everyone’s cup of tea, particularly if you’ve grown up watching and enjoying more traditional documentary styles. But one thing is for sure – Disney provides an excellent way to get the kids involved in watching nature films.

Take a break from fictional animation movies, and let them learn about the wild world of wildlife. In the case of Monkey Kingdom, our primate relatives are the stars. Read more “Disneynature – Monkey Kingdom”

Tiny Giants 3D

Using the absolute best 3D technology available, as you would expect from the BBC, Tiny Giants 3D takes you down into the world’s little (and very cute) creatures.

As we live our lives almost completely unaware of the battles and challenges the world’s smallest animals face every minute of their life, there’s a lot going on. From mini wars, to romance, to behaviours that are as mysterious as they are amazing.

Unlike some of the older and legendary BBC titles like Life in the Undergrowth, which was focused almost solely on insects, Tiny Giants also includes small animals such as chipmunks. Read more “Tiny Giants 3D”

Clash of the Dinosaurs

This 2010 Discovery Channel film is another in what has become quite a long line of animated prehistoric documentaries which have proven popular not only for their educational value, but for the stunning recreation effects used.

Discovery is at the top of the game when it comes to special effects and Clash of the Dinosaurs continues that legacy.

It runs in four separate episodes, each focusing on a particular aspect of dinosaurs from their survival mechanisms, to how some dinosaurs become such effective and feared predators. Read more “Clash of the Dinosaurs”

Living with Monkeys: Tales From The Treetops

Join a passionate primatologist, a cameraman and a writer from their exotic treehouse in the middle of the jungle in Gabon as they spend their days looking for the not so famous monkey, the Red-capped Mangabey.

The trio a whole six weeks living in the treehouse and having to deal with the challenges that living in the dense forest brings, not the least of which are the large mammals below including forest elephants and buffalo.

This is more than a documentary; it’s a true adventure and really immerses you from beginning to end of the two hour feature.

Banded Brothers – The Mongoose Mob (2010)

This BBC series aired on television in 2010 and follows a similar style to the highly popular and excellent Meerkat Manor series.

Only this time the stars of the show are Banded Mongooses (or is that Mongeese?) and it is filmed in conjunction with the good work of the Banded Mongoose Research Project. Read more “Banded Brothers – The Mongoose Mob (2010)”

Water Life

This is an interesting boxset, with 375 minutes of footage dedicated specifically to aquatic life and environments. Not a big budget BBC or National Geographic production, Water Life makes up in substance what it might slightly lack in cinematography standards.

It is a special production developed in conjunction with a number of conservation groups like WWF, coupled with Caribbean International Networks. Read more “Water Life”

National Geographic Classics – World’s Deadliest

National Geographic has created hundreds of documentaries. They are without doubt one of the most respected and profilic film making companies on the planet.

It can be difficult to locate some of their older films though, and in some cases those that are some of the earliest ones have never been released on DVD. Read more “National Geographic Classics – World’s Deadliest”

IMAX: Flight Of The Butterflies (2016)

This brand new documentary for 2016 focuses on one of the most remarkable animal migrations known to exist on the planet, but one that is under increasing danger of completely disappearing.

The subject of this documentary is the beautiful Monarch Butterfly and one scientist who has dedicated his life to studying where and how these fragile insects migrate thousands of miles every year. Read more “IMAX: Flight Of The Butterflies (2016)”

Secret Life of Predators (2013)

This four part series focuses on species that are at the top of the food chain in their respective habitats. A National Geographic film, Secret Life of Predators contains many of the usual suspects you would expect in a predator documentary, like big cats and birds of prey, as well some lesser knwon species like wasps.

The film is divided into four episodes: Wet, Exposed, Stealth and Naked. Each one concentrates on certain habitats or methods of killing prey or avoiding being eaten. Read more “Secret Life of Predators (2013)”